Me Thinks the Lord be Happy

I could tell you such a story about the rich and of the poor

So sad when some have little and others have much more

Would best if rich could share some

And poor had more to eat

Me thinks the Lord would then be happy

I say to all I meet.

And then there is the tale they tell

I think I heard it well

The rich man took the poor boy in

And shared with him a home

Me thinks the Lord be happy then

As He saw the two men roam.

The lad did grow up big and strong

With him the man could see no wrong

Both love and food was fed him

And ‘twas treated like a son

Me thinks the Lord be happy then

When he saw just what was done.

(Inspired by the thought that so many Americans are hungry and don’t have warm homes to go to.  Look for an outreach center near you.  I have been delivering bagged lunches each month to a local soup kitchen which also provides  medical attention.  These are given to adults who are working and unable to receive meals at the center.  This organization also provides medical attention,  some social service assistance, and serves as a warm place to sleep on cold nights for those without homes or heat.)


I am a wife, mother, grandmother, photographer, writer, and… Photography has opened my eyes to the world around me, has taught me to see things differently and to make observations I would have so easily missed before. With these new insights come new experiences and emotions that cry out for expression. I became interested in photography as an attempt to capture those ‘precious moments in time’ that only another new grandparent could truly understand. That was twenty years ago. Now, as a senior, and caregiver to my husband who is recovering from a stroke he suffered over a year ago, those ‘precious moments’ seem so all important to remember. I began to write verse, as a means of expression, after the attacks of 9/11. I have never been one to overtly show my emotions; but as I travel this new emotional roller coaster, I have learned that emotions are just a part of each of us, they need not be justified and it helps when I share. Photography and writing have been my voice of expression. I would hope that sharing these works can help enrich the lives of others as well and I urge all to look into my pictures and beyond my words to find their own story. Appreciation and interpretation take root from past experiences, present circumstances, and current frame of mind. If we are to stay well and be successful, it is essential that we learn to accept, understand, and come to terms with our own emotions while maintaining control and taking responsibility for our actions. I believe that how we react to something is much more important than the event itself. My work offers me a sense of control in an otherwise chaotic world. Other of my works may be found at: and My new book, “From My Heart” will soon be available on Amazon and Xlibris.

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