Without Rain

Without rain

There is no life.


Sun and rain

Happiness and grief

Life and death


Yesterday and tomorrow

Here and there

Was and will be


Knowing and unknowing

Now and forever

Success and failure


Love and heartbreak

Planned and unplanned

Parallels and opposites


Without rain

There is no life.


©Sue k Green 1/23/15Clip_Rain

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Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

Tire of old man winter?

Seeking signs of spring?

Regard the robin red-breast

Singing her sweet song

Sure sign Spring is coming

Winter’s been too long.


Image and Verse © Sue k Green 3/21/14    

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After many months of anxious waiting, I am finally able to share, “From My Heart in Pictures and Poetry” with you. !  Comments welcome.

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Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves

I sit in sand, observe the awesome ocean waves, their powerful progressions, unending undulations, white caps crashing with determination, and dancing with destiny.

I unwind as rolling waves unfold before me as the healing touch of salty strikes of ocean air sends serenity and touches all my senses.

The cooling spray of sea water washes me with its’ wetness and soothes my heated soul.

I am silenced by the roaring of the seas and slowed against the rapid rhythm of the flow.

Image and verse © Sue k Green 3/1/14

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A poet doesn’t just enter a store to buy an item she saw in the window.

The poet, weary from her walk, slows to look more carefully at the lovely linen cloth in the window, then enters the establishment through the worn wooden door,  speaks silently to the silver-haired salesperson, and she is surprised to see such a superb selection in so small a store.

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Poetic Minds by Sue k Green

Fingers creep along the page

Thoughts crawl now in my mind

Thinking, feeling, eye balls seeking

All mine now to find


Inviting all my senses

Considering words that crunch,

Catch sounds that crackle

Proposing words with punch


Wet by flowing waters

Words drip as rivers flow

Settling now on paper

As sinuous streams they go


Sensing soft silk flowing

Smooth now to my touch

Hunting now the right words

That might reveal as much


Bright yellows, vivid oranges,

Shocking purples in the mix

Periwinkle blue, rouge red and blushing pink

Are terms I now can seek to fix.


Lonely as a single dot

Crushed now in a crowd

Tears express my sadness

Anger speaks out loud


Solid objects, haunting thoughts

Searching out their place

Fluid are my feelings as

I let them all embrace


Mixing, sorting, re-arranging

Words here on my page

Deciding on their order and

What posture to engage


I seek now out a rhythm

I think, sort, and say the sounds

My poetic mind expands now

With each poem that it propounds

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